The Hanover Public School District is proud to participate in the National School Meal Program and nutritious meals are served each school day. Meals provided in the breakfast and lunch program at Hanover Public School District comply with the federal nutrition standards under the Healthy Hunger Free Kids Act. School meals offer students a wide variety of fruits and vegetables, proteins, grains and milk. They meet strict limits on fat, calories and portion size. Now is a great time to encourage your child to eat meals at school!

Menus are provided on the HPSD webpage for students and parents. Menus are always subject to change.

We encourage families to apply for free or reduced priced school meals through the National School Lunch Program at . If you are enrolled in the program, your privacy is protected by federal law. We use a PIN-code entry system in all of our cafeteria lines that insures no one knows who is getting a free or discounted meal. If you apply and are eligible, you are not obligated to participate each day, or ever, and your family may be able to take advantage of other discounted state and local programs. If you have any questions about the program, please contact the district for assistance.

Parents are encouraged to put money “on account” for their children for a smoother process during meal service and to avoid money being misplaced or lost. Parents can write a check to HPSD Food Services, send cash or make a payment on-line at the website. Parents should set up an account that they can use to add money to their student accounts and monitor their student spending. This website offers parents/guardians the opportunity to view their child’s account at any time, set low balance reminder emails and set up automatic payments to their child’s accounts. In addition, there is also a support hotline should you have any questions or problems with your account. Setting up and viewing the account is Free. Making a payment online to your student account is optional and does have a small convenience fee.

Students that come to the cafeteria line to eat that have a negative balances will only be provided with a reimbursable meal and will not be allowed to purchase any Extra, or Ala Carte Items. The student will be charged for the reimbursable meal that they are given.

Lunch Prices

  • Elementary- $2.75
  • Middle and High School -$2.90
  • Reduced Lunch- $0.40
  • Ala Carte Milk - $0.50

Breakfast Prices

  • Elementary- $1.25
  • Middle and High School- $1.25
  • Reduced Breakfast- $0.25

If you have any questions about the Free & Reduced Lunch and Breakfast Program, your child’s cafeteria account, or your child’s special nutritional needs, please contact the Food Services Office.

Shellie Vigne

Director of Food and Nutrition Services

Hanover Public School District

(717)637-9000 ext. 5010